RS Display

Display system for universities and public spaces

Display system without worries

Architected from start to be robust and low maintenance.

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Easy to install

  • Easy to adapt to existing infrastructure
  • Centrally managed system
  • On-premise or cloud based web service

Easy to maintain

  • Updates and changes are immediate on all systems
  • Displays are identical and with no local storage
  • Automatic update of information


  • 100% customizable interface
  • Interface with existing infrastructure
  • Custom peripherals and services

Technically Advanced

  • Encrypted communications
  • Central file system, no local storage
  • PoE installation

Example applications

RS Display is a general and highly customizable product that may be used for many purposes.

Lecture hall

  • Show hall name
  • Display current and next seminar or class
  • Name of professor or teacher
  • Audience info (class, group)


  • Show room name
  • Show class and type of activity
  • Display student's personal schedule
  • Let student view printing quotas and other individual information
  • Allow students to book room


  • Book conference room
  • Time reporting
  • Janitor check-in

Room or public space

  • Check-in for maintenance staff and janitors
  • Provide indoor navigation
  • Display information about closest printer
  • Report problems or missing equipment

Interactive displays

Customize your displays with indicators and sensors.

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