Techne Development AB

Software development is an art form!

We believe that well designed software is the foundation for functional, adaptable, and user friendly systems that will help our customers so that they can spend their time and energy on what's important for them! We see computers as tools for humans, and we know that the software that controls the computer in the end affect the people that interact with the system.

Techne Development AB is a product and consulting company specialized in system and software development, with usability as main focus. We know that there are many systems out there developed by engineers to solve problems, but that unfortunately have forgotten that the end product is going to be used by human beings. The user has to be the main focus for a project to be considered successful.

The name Techne comes from the Greek word “τέχνη”, that translated means something like "Craftsmanship". We consider software development as an art form, a creative process that in the end results in a piece of art.

What we do

We work with software and system development on a consulting basis. Our main focus areas are:

  • iOS and tvOS apps
  • Server and database development
  • Android apps
  • Linux and macOS application development
  • Linux-based embedded applications and systems

We can also offer project management for both large and small projects.


Weather you have been traveling by train in Sweden, or shopping groceries in one of the biggest grocery store chains here, you have most probable been experiencing the product of our work. Below is a short list of recipients of some of our projects:

  • SJ (National Railway)
  • UEFA
  • Fremantle Port Authority (Australia)

Contact information

Techne Development AB
Hertig Karlsgatan 2
SE-582 21 Linköping
Phone: +46 706 19 11 66

EIN: 556938-5254
VAT no: SE556938525401